Nominate REIC Steering Committee Members & Come Meet the Candidates on Thurs., Jan 14th!

Hello NYC REIC Members!

This is the Governance Working Group. We hope you enjoyed the holiday season and are excited for some important updates about what’s been happening with REIC!

Updates on the Steering Committee Charter

The last time we emailed you, we had sent you a list of proposed rights and responsibilities for the Steering Committee that will be elected later this month. We heard incredible feedback from those of you who came to our meeting on December 14th (thank you!!), and since then have been working to incorporate that feedback into a written charter.

As a reminder, the charter is the document that will empower the Steering Committee, the body that will govern the REIC until a more permanent structure is developed. The final draft of the charter is here but we are still accepting final objections to the draft up until January 14th! Please take a minute to look it over and send us any objections you have.

What’s Next?

The period to nominate REIC members to run for the Steering Committee begins today January 5th and ends on January 14th. To make a nomination, fill out the online nomination form HERE. Members who are nominated will be notified by email, and must accept or reject their nomination by January 14th.*

On January 14th, at 6:30pm, all REIC members are invited to join us at 33 Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, 6th floor, to meet the candidates who have accepted their nominations. Candidates may introduce themselves to members and make a case for why they feel they are qualified to be on the Steering Committee. There will also be a period for floor nominations at the start of the meeting.

A Note on Accessibility

We are using an online form to accept nominations for the Steering Committee. However, if you know of an REIC member who does not have internet access and cannot access the form, please let us know! We are still trying to find ways to make our communications as accessible and inclusive as possible.

In cooperation,

The REIC Governance Working Group

*Nominations from the online form will be received by three members of the Governance Working Group who have agreed to not run for the Steering Committee and to serve as neutral monitors for the election. Only they will see the responses and will contact those who are nominated by email. This is to prevent any conflicts of interest.