ALL MEMBERS: Register for Our Jan. 28 Steering Committee Elections

At this Quarterly All-Member NYC REIC Meeting, we will hold elections for the Steering Committee and ratify its Charter.

Come early if you are not already a member, and want to join.



The Middle Collegiate Church – 112 2nd Ave New York, New York 10003 – View Map


From 6:00-6:30pm, new members can join. From 6:30-8:30, we will meet, ratify the charter, and hold elections.

What is the Steering Committee?

The Steering Committee will be NYC REIC’s first democratically elected governing body. It will help govern the REIC and act on our behalf while steering our work on a longer-term governing structure. As part of this work, it will be responsible guiding the REIC to the point where we put in place a permanent governing body (such as a Board of Directors). The NYC REIC opened nominations for Steering Committee on January 5th and closed them on January 14th with a Meet the Candidates meeting at 33 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn.

What is the Charter?

The Charter is a short document defining the rights and responsibilities of the Steering Committee. It states, for instance, whether the Steering Committee will be able to sign contracts on behalf of the REIC, whether they will be able to spend money collected by the REIC, and whether they will be empowered to file the necessary documents with the State to form the REIC as a business entity. It also specifies how the Board will be established, or if the Steering Committee is required to bring this decision to back to the membership. Governance has presented a final draft Charter that incorporated members’ comments. Here is the Governance Workgroup’s final draft, before final objections were included:



What is the NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative?

Please read or watch

How do I join the NYCREIC?

Please come early. We will take new member fees ($10) from 6:00-6:30pm. For more about joining, please see:

How do I prepare to vote?

Information about the ballot and candidates will be available from our Meet the Candidates event on January 14th soon at 

What if I can’t make it and I want to vote?

Download the REIC Steering Committee Proxy and write in your vote.

Where can I read the charter?

Please read the charter at: 

Is it too late to get involved in a workgroup?

Not at all! Please go to for meeting days and times.

What if I can’t make it and I want to join?

At this time, you can join by downloading a member form and mailing it in with a check for $10 and attending the next General Meeting. See for more information.

What can/can’t I bring to the event?

Food and drink are not allowed in the space.

Will childcare be provided?

Unfortunately, we do not believe that we will be able to offer childcare. Please stay tuned for more information.

Will translators be available?

At this time, we cannot provide translation. If you are a translator, or can donate toward this cause, please let us know at!

I want to help set up, translate, provide childcare, staff tables, or clean up.

Great! Please email with “volunteer” in the subject heading.

Is the space wheelchair accesssible?


Can I make a donation?

Yes. Fiscal Sponsorship for the incubation period of NYC REIC is provided by Spaceworks NYC, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Please write it out to “NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative” and “NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative” and mail it to Spaceworks at 540 President St Unit 2E Brooklyn, NY 11215. As an early-phase initiative, we are seeking planning grants, support for a white paper, and money to cover operating expenses. As stated above, the NYC REIC itself will be incorporated as a for-profit organization for investments by 2017. Please see for more information.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please email