Does It Fit Us? An activity for learning to see potential NYC REIC projects

The Draft Project Selection Criteria (version 8), created by members of our Scoping Committee, is a checklist that can be applied to potential properties to see if they fit our scope. It will only let through projects that fit our mission of investing in permanently affordable space for community, small business and cultural use in NYC.

Our goal is for all our member-investors to be able to participate in finding the right projects for us. The Draft Project Selection Criteria is like a pair of glasses: when member-investors wear them, opportunities become visible.

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Hello REIC Members!

Our next All-Member Meeting will be held Thursday, January 28th, from 6:30-8:30pm at Middle Collegiate Church in Manhattan (see below for directions). At this meeting, we will be hearing report-backs from working groups, and holding elections for our Steering Committee!

Steering Committee Elections

There are 10 candidates who accepted their nominations to run for the Steering Committee. On Thursday, REIC members will vote for up to 7 candidates, and the 7 names with the most votes will be elected.

The Candidates

Click here to download or view the names and bios of the candidates, or watch

Nominate REIC Steering Committee Members & Come Meet the Candidates on Thurs., Jan 14th!

Hello NYC REIC Members!

This is the Governance Working Group. We hope you enjoyed the holiday season and are excited for some important updates about what’s been happening with REIC!

Updates on the Steering Committee Charter

The last time we emailed you, we had sent you a list of proposed rights and responsibilities for the Steering Committee that will be elected later this month. We heard incredible feedback from those of you who came to our meeting on December 14th (thank you!!), and since then have been working to incorporate that feedback into a written charter.

As a reminder, the