Do you know a place we should work together to secure for community use?

You and your neighbors can play a game to test potential projects and find out what to look for. Instructions and materials are here.

Here are the key criteria:

  • The property to be acquired is in New York City.
  • The programming proposed in the property supports culture, small business, cooperation, and/or community benefit.
  • The programming in the property benefits populations that have traditionally had barriers to accessing stable places to assemble and/or do their work.
  • The property and programming proposal are financially sound so that we will be able to pay members back; we aim to minimize the risks we are taking with our money and resources.
  • The property acquired is restricted from being transferred as a market commodity in the future through legal mechanisms in its deed (e.g. covenants, conservation easements, community land trusts); we can make this a prerequisite for working with us.

You can explore the possibility using this draft project selection criteria here.

You can also tell us about it by filling out this form! 

Have an idea and not sure if it fits? Contact the Steering Committee at or (718) 316-6092 ext. 5!