NYC Real Estate

Investment Cooperative

NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative

How to become a member

There are 4 requirements for active membership in the New York City Real Estate Investment Cooperative:

  1. reading and signing the agreement,
  2. contributing a member fee of $10,
  3. attending a quarterly General NYC REIC Membership meeting,
  4. and endeavoring to conduct membership in accordance with the principles of cooperation.


This is an all-volunteer initiative with a democratically-elected Board of Directors. We are running to catch up with our collective power! We need your help. Want to join us? Email:

Donate to cover NYC REIC’s operating costs

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, please make a check out to Spaceworks NYC, our fiscal sponsor, with “for NYC REIC” in the MEMO line send it to Spaceworks NYC, 540 President Street, Unit 2E, Brooklyn, NY 11215! Or email to work it out.

Thank you to RSF Social Finance for supporting our incubation. You can read about our partnership here.

Stay Connected

For the latest news on REIC’s developments, be sure to join the Facebook group and follow our page or sign up for our mailing list. We also have a public Calendar that you can use to find out about member and committee meetings.