Build Our Coop

Member-owners participate in building and governing the NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative through workgroups and committees. Workgroups and committees include monthly updates in the newsletter and on the blog. Check out our event calendar for upcoming meetings. Contact the group you want to work with using the email addresses below!



This workgroup focuses on defining our first project by soliciting and analyzing feedback from members. Scoping projects have included creating sample project timelines, developing productive guiding questions, and coming up with new ways for members to understand potential investment options for informed decision-making. The Scoping Workgroup is currently working with members to develop a rating system that they will propose the NYC REIC adopt for evaluating whether a project is one we want to finance.

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This workgroup is the school of the REIC, focusing on identifying and sharing knowledge. It has two focal points: (1) applying research to workgroup and Steering Committee projects, and (2) sharing knowledge with new and old REIC members about cooperatives, finance, and the solidarity economy through activities, educational and social events, and materials. In previous quarters, this group created a card game on cooperative principles. They are working on a film screening!

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Art & Media

This workgroup is for people who want to tell people about the REIC by adding beauty, critical reflection, and nonverbal understanding to the NYC REIC. This is for those of you who want to make posters, dances, songs, clothes, films, and illustrations and well as those of you who are interested in phone jams to follow up with all members, screenings, and parties for members. Previous projects included this website and this short film.

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Community Organizing & Relationship Building

This committee builds on the work of the Public Building Inventory workgroup from previous quarters. It is focused on developing relationships with community groups and members on the ground, focusing on neighborhoods where the REIC may be investing.

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More coming soon.

About Workgroups

Since our first All Member meeting on May 28, 2015, Real Estate Investment Cooperators have been organized into area-specific workgroups. Workgroups act as key organs for member control of the activities of the NYC REIC. Through workgroups, members define the structure and goals of the NYC REIC and its operations. Workgroups set their agendas each quarter of the year, and form and dissolve on an as-needed, voluntary basis. Note that only active members can participate in NYC REIC governance by being a workgroup member.

Our first cycle of workgroups met May to September 2015, and our second cycle met from October 2015 to January 2016. See an archive of past NYC REIC workgroups here.


About Committees

The Steering Committee was elected by NYC REIC members on January 28, 2016 to govern the NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative, and create the capacity necessary for the REIC to fulfill its goal of securing affordable space for community and cultural use in NYC, as outlined in the charter. It has created several topic-specific committees where it works with members to do this. Some workgroups from previous quarters have developed into committees.