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These guidelines apply to the public blog created on behalf of the NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative (REIC) website.

The goal of this guide is to:

Ensure a consistent message and demonstrate a clear and unified organizational vision that reaches members, media, and community, and any other constituent or stakeholder interested in NYC REIC’s mission

These standards can be applied to other communication channels including but not limited to: the NYC REIC website, newsletter, social media accounts, press releases, interviews given to the media.


All blog posts should be written by an NYC REIC

Cooperatives and Collectives in the News

Cities, Inequality and The Common Good

A super read at The World Post about the urban commons framework by Sheila Foster, Professor of Law and Co-Director of Urban Law Center at Fordham University.

The city is also a collective or common good, in that urban residents share a number of its resources — from the parks and opens spaces to streets and buildings, and even a city’s culture. Much like the natural environment, the urban environment too is subject to the disproportionate consumption by the wealthy, through economic and cultural domination of its resources, depriving the less well-off of many

NYC REIC Presents At Municipal Arts Summit 2015

Members Risa and Caroline presented at the MAS Summit 2015 last week and laid out how NYC REIC plans to invest in a city the community wants and not a city that goes to the highest bidder. Developing without displacement is indeed possible!

Here are some great photos from the Twitter-sphere:



Upcoming Workgroup Meetings

As always the upcoming workgroup meetings are on the website calendar, but in case you’re missing it, here are a few upcoming workgroup meetings.

Thursday, October 22, 7-8:30pm

The Case Studies workgroup will be meeting at ILSC-New York 111 Nassau Street, 5th Floor in Manhattan.

Friday, October 30, 6:30-8:30pm

The Arts and Media workgroup will be meeting at 139 Fulton St, #903A, in Manhattan.

Thursday, November 5, 6:30-8:30pm

The Interim Facilitation Team will be meeting at Fourth Arts Block, 61 E 4th St, in Manhattan.


The Co-Ops and Collective Movement in the News

The cooperative and collective movement across the United States continues to gain momentum. Check out a roundup of collectives and co-ops in the news.


Building Engaged Communities: Why Xavier is promoting the cooperative movement

In Cincinnati, several conferences are taking place in November about The Cooperative Economy including the Union Co-op Symposium that’s focused on the Mondragon Cooperative Movement in Spain. The article also discusses how groups in Cincinnati have used cooperative businesses to battle chronic unemployment and poverty in the area.

Read the article here.


A call for collective reinvestment

The University of Pennsylvania refuses to

Three High-Quality Potential Sites for Investment

From June through September 2015, the Public Building Inventory workgroup searched a database of city-owned properties and narrowed down a list of 84 to 3 very promising potential sites of investment based on factors such as proximity to retail and public transportation, flood zone status, and size and condition of the buildings.

Here are the potential sites:

1) 106 Locust Avenue, Bronx

In Port Morris, a historic ferry gantry and cable shop on desirable waterfront property.

106 Locust Avenue, Bronx


2) 146-39 105th Avenue, Queens

This building is owned by the NYC Department of Health. Nested in a residential area, this is a

Village Voice Covers Our September 28, 2015 Member Meeting

Village Voice

At our September 28th member meeting at The Middle Collegiate Church in East Village, the Village Voice was there, interviewing members Caroline Woolard, Rafael Jose, Drew Kiriazides, and Malaika Martin.

The story also covers the proliferation of groups that have similar objectives: cooperative real estate and permanent affordability.

“The REIC isn’t the only organization in New York working toward cooperative real estate goals. Founded in 1973, the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board has preserved over 1,700 buildings and created 30,000 home-ownership opportunities, while getting to know New York’s low-income co-op community. And in March, the community organizing project Greater Brooklyn formed

We’re Featured At Upworthy!

Upworthy Logo

Our mission to merge community advocacy and real estate investment to preserve permanent affordability is featured today over at Upworthy.

“Historically, New York has served as one of the greatest hotbeds for creativity in the country. It’s where people like legendary musicians David Byrne and Patti Smith became, well, legends. But since that heyday, Byrne and Smith have gone public about how the city’s focus on catering to the wealthy and ever-rising rents — on studio spaces, living spaces, and community space — are closing the door on creativity and culture in New York…

Enter: The NYC Real Estate

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