The Co-Ops and Collective Movement in the News

The cooperative and collective movement across the United States continues to gain momentum. Check out a roundup of collectives and co-ops in the news.


Building Engaged Communities: Why Xavier is promoting the cooperative movement

In Cincinnati, several conferences are taking place in November about The Cooperative Economy including the Union Co-op Symposium that’s focused on the Mondragon Cooperative Movement in Spain. The article also discusses how groups in Cincinnati have used cooperative businesses to battle chronic unemployment and poverty in the area.

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A call for collective reinvestment

The University of Pennsylvania refuses to pay Payments in Lieu of Taxes to help support the city’s public school system. It’s estimated that UPenn is withholding $18m annually from the city’s public school system. A student group named the Student Labor Action Project is sick of it and pressuring UPenn to step up and pay its fair share.

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