Winter/Spring 2018 Newsletter: May All-Member Meeting


WHEN: Tuesday, May 29, 6:30pm-8:30pm

WHERE: Central Brooklyn Public Library

10 Grand Army Plaza, Info Commons

B41, 2, 3, B, Q

Please RSVP here. New members welcome.


WHY You desire…

  • to buy the building your space is in & need more $$$
  • to sell a commercial space you own, but want to make sure it will continue to be affordable/serve neighbors
  • to contribute to an innovative project to prevent the displacement of small businesses, community spaces, cultural centers, coops, artists, and more across NYC
  • to be qualified invest your savings in something that will create a better NYC while it slowly grows

WHAT You Desire….

We will hear project partner pitches from Broadway Merchants Association (small businesses organizing in Bushwick/Bedstuy), Bay Ridge Community Hub (neighbors & local nonprofits organizing to transform a vacant public building on 86th Street) and others. Bring your three-minute pitch! Check if it’s a fit here.

WHO We Are…

The NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative (NYC-REIC) is a group of over 500 New Yorkers who are pooling their money and power to secure space for community, small business, and cultural use in NYC. Consistent with the principles and spirit of the cooperative movement, NYC REIC makes long-term, stabilizing, and transformative investments for the mutual benefit of our member-owners and our community. NYC REIC is who shows up and participates in this process.


Become a Member of NYC REIC

There are 4 requirements for active membership in NYC REIC:

(1) Reading and signing the member agreement;

(2) Contributing a membership fee of $10;

(3) Attending a quarterly All-Member NYC REIC meeting (next chance: January 28, 2016!);

(4) Endeavoring to conduct membership in accordance with the principles of cooperation.

Check out our Calendar!

We maintain a Google Calendar with all workgroup meetings. Please add this to your gCal, or see to check out the workgroups active in this quarter and to stay updated with our meeting times:  

Please Help Cover our Current Operating Expenses!

You can support REIC’s development by making a charitable donation during this incubation period for very basic expenses, like the monthly charges that must be paid to circulate this e-newsletter. Please contact us at if you’d like to make a charitable contribution (not an investment) during the incubation period of the NYC REIC.


REIC Learn and Share

What is the REIC? Check out our Video:

Please take a minute, literally, to check out this amazing video that NYC REIC members produced to explain the REIC in under 60 seconds, and share widely.


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In cooperation,  

New York City Real Estate Investment Cooperative