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Come to our next all-member meeting! We’ll do a quick update on how the NYC REIC is doing, and will do a skill share and share our capabilities. We’ll gather in breakout groups, and do small group discussions to talk about the ways in which we can organize to support community spaces and commercial spaces in our neighborhoods! Perhaps you know of a community space that needs support? Come share it too!

Please do join the NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative in our follow-up, second general interest meeting!

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If you could not join us at our first virtual meeting on July 8th, you can watch the recording as a webinar (click on the bold text).


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We would also like to request that all of our members fill out the Member Investment Survey here, in order to allow us to plan better with our prospective project partners.

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The NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative is a cooperative that seeks to finance community-controlled commercial real estate without selling out to capitalism. We have already obtained regulator’s approval to raise investment funds from our members for any property that is consistent with this mission: “combating community deterioration and advancing long-term stability, diversity, vibrancy and cohesion in New York City neighborhoods most affected by disinvestment and displacement.” We have created a co-op with bylaws that support one-member, one-vote decision-making about investments. Anyone who lives in NYC can easily become a member. 


Our intentions include:

  • CONSISTENCY WITH THE COOPERATIVE MOVEMENT: A cooperative is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise. We act in accordance with the cooperative values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity and follow the seven cooperative principles.
  • SUPPORTING THE COMMONS: Some forms of wealth belong to all of us–we all contribute to their value and depend upon them for survival. The City itself is a strong example. These commons must be protected and stewarded for the good of all. The act of strengthening this framework and reality is called commoning. Please note, this concept largely comes from indigenous people of this continent, whose understanding of a living land predates real estate.  
  • TRANSFORMING THE RACIAL HIERARCHY: Settler colonialism and slavery were founding processes of the United States, through which white people amassed wealth through enclosing former indigenous-stewarded land commons, and through exploiting BIPOC. Ongoing processes, from the prison industrial complex, to racist land-use policies like red-lining and Urban Renewal, to neglect of public housing, have furthered these racial hierarchies that are fundamental to our nation’s founding, resulting in white supremacy, wherein “the three Ps–property, protection, and pleasures–are distributed to white people first” (Dr. Miles Grier). We aim to facilitate reparations to BIPOC and land restoration that we hope can help heal these horrible legacies, and along with them, ourselves.
  • FINANCING THE COMMUNITY LAND TRUST MOVEMENT: The Black-led community land trust movement of the 1960s created a framework for permanent affordability and community stewardship of land, starting with New Communities. We aim to provide financing for community land trusts.


Let’s take back New York City from the vulture capitalists!



We are working together to secure permanently affordable space for civic, cultural, and cooperative use in NYC. We are incubating a NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative (NYC REIC) that leverages the political power and patient investments of members to stabilize neighborhoods and build an inclusive, resilient city. The NYC REIC became a New York State Not for Profit Corporation. You can see our Certificate of Incorporation and current bylaws.


There are four requirements for active membership in NYC REIC:

1. Reading and signing the member agreement

2. Contributing a membership fee of $10

3. Attending a quarterly All-Member NYC REIC meeting

4. Endeavoring to conduct membership in accordance with the      principles of cooperation



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You can support REIC’s development by making a charitable donation during this incubation period for very basic expenses, like the monthly charges that must be paid to circulate this e-newsletter. Please contact us at if you’d like to make a charitable contribution (not an investment) during the incubation period of the NYC REIC.












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