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Next Governance Meeting: Monday, December 14th, 6:30pm

Hello members of the NYC REIC!

This is Eliza, Sam and Todd, reporting from the Governance working group. We are a relatively new working group (formed at an all working group meeting this past October) that has been charged with formulating a democratic governance structure and bylaws for the REIC. We held an open meeting on November 18th, where we laid out a proposal for electing a Steering Committee in January and developing a charter that would outline the rights and responsibilities this Steering Committee would have.

We have drafted a list of these rights and responsibilities and now we

Great Films to Watch Re: A Right To The City

Here are some great films to watch (maybe in a series this winter / spring for REIC members) to think through past and current struggles for a right to the city:

Creativity and the Capitalist City (NL)

Si Se Puede (Spain)

The Strategy of the Snail (Columbia)

It Took 50 (NYC nearly done)

My Brooklyn (NYC)

Right to Wynwood (FL)

BIG NEWS: We’re Electing a Steering Committee and More…

We’re electing a Steering Committee on January 28th! Read on to find out about upcoming steps in the process, and save the date of January 14th to meet the candidates!


Dear NYC REIC Members,

We’ve had a busy month with lots of updates to share. Read on for news about our upcoming steering committee elections, our charter, and much more!


Recent Events – Past Meetings

On November 18th, REIC met at Judson Memorial Church to talk about where we would like to be as an organization and how we’d like to get there.

Right now we’re an unincorporated group

ICYMI: Our October Newsletter Updated: November 27, 2015



Recent Events – Past Meetings

We held our second NYC REIC All-Member Meeting on September 28! We gathered at Middle Collegiate Church to hear impressive report backs from our summer workgroups. (see more below)


Before that, we had an All Workgroup Meeting on September 21 at the Sunview Luncheonette in Greenpoint. We prepared for the All-Member Meeting, discussed more lateral cooperation between workgroups, and made time for some social interaction.


The Public Buildings Inventory Group met on September 22 at the New York Camera Club on Baxter St. in Chinatown to prepare for the All-Member Meeting.



These guidelines apply to the public blog created on behalf of the NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative (REIC) website.

The goal of this guide is to:

Ensure a consistent message and demonstrate a clear and unified organizational vision that reaches members, media, and community, and any other constituent or stakeholder interested in NYC REIC’s mission

These standards can be applied to other communication channels including but not limited to: the NYC REIC website, newsletter, social media accounts, press releases, interviews given to the media.


All blog posts should be written by an NYC REIC

Cooperatives and Collectives in the News

Cities, Inequality and The Common Good

A super read at The World Post about the urban commons framework by Sheila Foster, Professor of Law and Co-Director of Urban Law Center at Fordham University.

The city is also a collective or common good, in that urban residents share a number of its resources — from the parks and opens spaces to streets and buildings, and even a city’s culture. Much like the natural environment, the urban environment too is subject to the disproportionate consumption by the wealthy, through economic and cultural domination of its resources, depriving the less well-off of many

NYC REIC Presents At Municipal Arts Summit 2015

Members Risa and Caroline presented at the MAS Summit 2015 last week and laid out how NYC REIC plans to invest in a city the community wants and not a city that goes to the highest bidder. Developing without displacement is indeed possible!

Here are some great photos from the Twitter-sphere:



The Co-Ops and Collective Movement in the News

The cooperative and collective movement across the United States continues to gain momentum. Check out a roundup of collectives and co-ops in the news.


Building Engaged Communities: Why Xavier is promoting the cooperative movement

In Cincinnati, several conferences are taking place in November about The Cooperative Economy including the Union Co-op Symposium that’s focused on the Mondragon Cooperative Movement in Spain. The article also discusses how groups in Cincinnati have used cooperative businesses to battle chronic unemployment and poverty in the area.

Read the article here.


A call for collective reinvestment

The University of Pennsylvania refuses to

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